Baker D. Chirico (Melbourne, Australia):
March Studio


Australian artisan baker Daniel Chirico’s second store ‘Baker D. Chirico’ is a unique collaboration between architects March Studio and Fabio Ongarato Design. Between them they created something truly unique that earned its title as winner of the Australia & Pacific category in the 2012 Restaurant & Bar Design Awards.

Baker D. Chirico (Australia) 2011 : March Studio (6)

The identity branding by Fabio Ongarato complements the interiors perfectly, whilst being its own surprising blend of quirky and classic.

Baker D. Chirico (Australia) 2011 : March Studio (5)

The clear glass facade to the bakery gives any passers by a sneak preview of the design within. The wooden counters that span the length of the bakery are complete with designated partitions for scales, knives and tills and also act as one long breadboard.

Baker D. Chirico (Australia) 2011 : March Studio (3)

The undulating wooden slats that cover the back wall and ceilings are reminiscent of a giant breadbasket. The incorporated shelving creates a wall of bread, allowing the produce to be displayed cleanly, without any packaging.

Baker D. Chirico (Australia) 2011 : March Studio (2)

The rustic effect on the opposite wall is reminiscent of an oven interior or an old country farmhouse. The result is nothing short of intimate and homely.

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