Höst (Copenhagen, Denmark):
Norm Architects


This collaboration between Norm Architects and Danish designers Menu is a unique and rustic addition to the restaurant brand Cofoco‘s nine other restaurants across Copenhagen.

The vintage wooden chopping boards on the walls, mismatched chairs and soft woolen throws in the basement dining room give Höst a surprisingly cosy atmosphere for such a minimalistic design.

Host, 2012 (Copenhagen) Norm Architects (2)

The black scissor spring hanging lamps designed by Menu, make an statement urban against the more rustic setting. The minimalim and simplicity so present in Höst give the impression that this isn’t a commercial setting at all, but someone’s country kitchen in rural Denmark.

Host, 2012 (Copenhagen) Norm Architects (3)

The interiors of this space are in a perfect balance. The natural and weathered wood, and beautifully simple, neutral colour palette creates a sense of serene stillness, whilst the industrial and eye-catching lighting adds an urban, modern touch.

Host, 2012 (Copenhagen) Norm Architects (4)

Suspended above the stairs hang a collection of Norm’s small pendant lights that make up a spiraling chandelier.

Host, 2012 (Copenhagen) Norm Architects (5)

Great wooden palettes make up the bar, where simple black bar stools are lined up, designed by Norm for &tradition. “The theme has been to transform the feeling of eating outside on a Scandinavian farmyard in rural settings to an urban and more minimalist indoor context,” says designer Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen.

Host, 2012 (Copenhagen) Norm Architects (6)

The elegant slates and ceramics used with in the restaurant designed by Menu, complete the aesthetic perfectly.

Host, 2012 (Copenhagen) Norm Architects (7)
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