Barrio East (London, UK):
dtwo design


Designed by David Knight and Dominic Taylor of dtwo design, Barrio East is the latest addition to Barrio North and Barrio Central, the Latin American-themed brand’s two other London locations.

The Timber Yard in Barrio Downtown, the more informal part of the restaurant is constructed from a mix of reclaimed timber and exposed bricks walls, with the upholstery made from Mexican tablecloths.

Barrio East, 2012 (London) : D Two Design (4)

Full of playful features, a caravan made by Chordal Green has been fitted within Barrio East as a booth, and papered with bright wallpaper, complete with yellow stripes and exotic animals from House of Hackney.

Barrio East, 2012 (London) : D Two Design (3)

Alternating coloured lamps hang above the bar made from Gorillatubs, whilst the flooring was bespoke for Barrio East by London Mosaic. Tin tiles from American Tin Ceilings make up the patterned ceiling above the bar area which is reminiscent of the patterned bespoke printed green vinyl in the image below. The beautifully elegant flooring is made up of herringbone tiles in an array of shades, matching the patterns on the bar.

Barrio East, 2012 (London) : D Two Design (1)

The bespoke vinyl wall covering by Glyphics is printed with sugar skulls, fitting in perfectly with the eclectic Latin American theme. Additional features of Barrio East include pineapple-shaped glass lights, customised ‘ceiling’ paper, distressed tables, hexagonal tiles and a ‘copper-ivy’ wall, which showcases a stunning collection of copper piping that appears to grow up the wall like a plant.

Barrio East, 2012 (London) : D Two Design (2)
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