The Cribbar (Newquay, UK):
Absolute Design


The Cribbar in Newquay is a recent eye-catching addition to the JD Wetherspoon chain. Designed by Absolute in a collaboration with some of the UK’s top surf magazine editors. Designing a space aimed at a surfing crowd, was always going to be a challenge. The design needed to reflect the creativity and spontaneity of the surfing culture without falling into any cliches.

The Cribbar, 2012 (Newquay) Absolute Design (7)

The gold ceiling volcanoes were crafted from GRP plaster, with the shape and light shafts creating a sense of being underwater.

The Cribbar, 2012 (Newquay) Absolute Design (1)

The Cribbar maintains a surf theme from several bespoke swell chart motifs across the hard surfaces and wall motifs. Bright fabrics, low level furniture and lighting reflect the 1960s, the era when the sport first arrived in the UK.

The Cribbar, 2012 (Newquay) Absolute Design (6)

The 16 feet solid cast concrete bar  by Lowinfo, has bright yellow swell arrows inlaid in resin. Behind the bar, screens are mounted showing swell charts and current competitions. Images from the book ‘Surfers Tribe’ screen printed onto white tiles.

The Cribbar, 2012 (Newquay) Absolute Design (3)

An all-weather addition to the outside terrace is this concrete sofa from Gray Concrete. The bright yellow stools are by Mark Product.

The Cribbar, 2012 (Newquay) Absolute Design (5)

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