V’ammos (Piraeus, Greece):


V’ammos by lmarchitects within the Karaiskakis Stadium in Piraeus near Athens, is certainly inspired by the ocean. Whilst it is full of striking design features, the grand ceiling is what gives this restaurant its memorable identity.

The elongated bar is an art installation in itself, constructed from 300 cooking pots, their identity all but lost as they fade out into the repetitive weave-like pattern.

V'ammos, 2012 (Greece) : Lm Architects (6)

The grand undulating waffle-like ceiling constructed by Sirigos, unifies the restaurant and allows natural daylight to filter through some of the compartments, peppering the dining area with light.

The solid oak flooring from Roussetos also appears on the walls, continuing the theme of repetition within the space.

V'ammos, 2012 (Greece) : Lm Architects (7)

The eye-catching twisted tables were designed by lmarchitects themselves, whilst the remaining furniture was sourced from Deloudis

V'ammos, 2012 (Greece) : Lm Architects (5)
V'ammos, 2012 (Greece) : Lm Architects (1)

The lighting is by L4A and blends in seamlessly with the design.

V'ammos, 2012 (Greece) : Lm Architects (9)
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