Eyescream (Barcelona, Spain):
Marion + Merche

Eyescream, 2012 (Spain) : Marion   Merche (1)

Eyescream, designed by Marion + Merche is a playful self service ice cream parlour in Barcelona, serving a very unique ice cream: a shaved ice cream imported from Taiwan, and with a texture somewhere between sorbet and ice cream.

The front of the parlour is a fragmented sign manufactured by Essa Punt, which display’s Marion + Merche‘s clever branding as an informative menu. The ice cream was branded as monsters, each with their own personality to help introduce the unfamiliar product to Europe.

Eyescream, 2012 (Spain) : Marion   Merche (2)
Eyescream, 2012 (Spain) : Marion   Merche (3)

The parlour itself is very simple. The flooring is galvanised steel sheets from Montaglass and the lighting is simple Philips spotlights.

The counters are cheaply constructed wooden boxes, holding the numerous ice creams and toppings, to really focus upon the self serve customer experience. Marion + Merche also designed the rather sophisticated economical packaging which separates the toppings from the shaved ice cream.

Eyescream, 2012 (Spain) : Marion   Merche (5)
Eyescream, 2012 (Spain) : Marion   Merche (4)
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