Alexander (Mexico):
Lázaro Rosa-Violán


This bright and airy restaurant in Mexico is like a treasure trove of eclectic antiques and unusual decorative additions. Alexander was designed by Barcelona based Lázaro Rosa-Violán studio.

The main bar is an old 1920’s French pharmacy counter from Mavi Lizan, and the vintage 1950’s bar stools are from OX. The subtle pendant lights strung across the bar are from Contemporian Studio, and designed by Lázaro Rosa-Violán.

Alexander, 2012 (Mexico) : Lazaro Rosa Violan (5)
Alexander, 2012 (Mexico) : Lazaro Rosa Violan (1)

The stunning celestial chandelier, and hanging glass orbs from Contemporian Studio are like planets suspended throughout the restaurant. Alexander, with it’s many rooms and nooks has the atmosphere of a creative home rather than a public space.

The typographic wall art “Maybe” is from OX and the mirror, made from a 1950’s shop window, hanging below it is from Otranto – a few of the many antique gems decorating this restaurant.

Alexander, 2012 (Mexico) : Lazaro Rosa Violan (2)

The bubble pendant lighting is this part of the restaurant is from Antique Boutique, whilst the array of furniture is from Contemporian Studio once again. The flooring throughout is a natural palette effect from Art Parquet.

Alexander, 2012 (Mexico) : Lazaro Rosa Violan (3)
Alexander, 2012 (Mexico) : Lazaro Rosa Violan (4)

The staircase within Alexander is constructed from the same parquet as the flooring, whilst the shelving is made from Navarra Cases from Xavi Gubielzu.

Alexander, 2012 (Mexico) : Lazaro Rosa Violan (7)

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