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Mourad Mazouz was born in Algeria in 1962; he moved to Paris in 1977 and has been living in London since 1995.

Mourad opened his first bistro Au Bascou in Paris in 1988. Since then, he has launched the 404 restaurant in Paris and the successful Momo Restaurant Familial in London in 1997.

In 2002 Mourad opened his most visionary project to date, Sketch, a tribute to superb gastronomy and cutting edge art. It has recently been redesigned by Martin Creed.

Q1.How do you think food and interior design are linked? 

It is more a matter of harmony which takes sense with the presentation, the crockery, the light, the general colors the food realisation and the noise.

Q2.Other than your own, which restaurant do you admire for innovative design?

None because essentially what is important is to eat well and feel comfortable and fortunately there are a lots of them. Thanks god!

Q3.What comes first for a new restaurant: the menu or the design of the space?

Definitely the menu. The design is the shell, the menu is the heart

Q4.Who is the designer you admire the most?

It could be any designer. The owner is responsible for the concept and the soul of his place the designer should only support his vision.

Q5.What would be your ideal location for a new restaurant?

Rather hidden. I like to consider a space as a concept as opposed to a location.

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