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Tom Dixon is a self-taught British designer specialised in welded salvage furniture. Dixon was previously the Head of Design for Habitat and in 2002 together with David Begg he launched Tom Dixon. to design and manufactured a wide range of contemporary lighting and furniture inspired by the unique heritage, innovation and the robust, no nonsense engineering of British industry.

Q1.What design challenges are unique to hospitality?

From a product development view; the battering of fixtures & fittings,cleaning fluids & furniture constantly stacked & rearranged.

Q2.What’s your greatest source of inspiration?

We’ve our own restaurant here, @TheDockKitchen in partnership with rising star @StevieParle where we experiment and test ideas, the biggest source of inspiration comes from working in our open kitchen, chopping vegetables.

Q3.What would be your ideal hospitality project?

A hotel where we also build the building – starting from scratch would be a dream.

Q4.What will be the next big interior design trend?

That’s my secret! All I know is that we’re working on contrasts & opposites; rough & smooth, dark & light, antique & space age.

Q5.Which is your favourite restaurant or bar design and why?

I like a beach hut with a single dish and a single beer, designed by the owner on a Mediterranean island that I won’t name…

Follow Tom Dixon on twitter: @TomDixonStudio

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