Ho-Hum (Seoul, Korea):


Ho-Hum was created by Korean design studio M4, based on the onomatopoeic idea of a ‘breath’ of boredom. The white interior and wooden furniture is contrasted by inventive black typography on the walls, which explains Tagine food, an unfamiliar cuisine in South Korea.

Ho Hum, 2012 (Korea) M4 (1)

Whilst the space is mostly simple and the colour scheme plain, the swathes of fabric and fans that create billowing ceilings, energise the space. The whimsical cloud-like ceiling is dotted with tiny lights.

The glass facade of the building shows off this interesting space to passers by, making a bold monochrome statement after dark.

Ho Hum, 2012 (Korea) M4 (3)
Ho Hum, 2012 (Korea) M4 (5)


Ho Hum is an entry into the Restaurant & Bar Design Awards 2012/13.

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