Captain Melville (Melbourne, Australia):
Breathe Architecture


Captain Meville is a beautiful addition to the cultural hub that is Melbourne, Australia. Designed by Breathe Architecture, the space is the re-invention of a dark inner city nightclub into a restaurant and bar inspired by the ghosts of the hotels first patrons.

Captain Melville, 2012 (Australia) Breathe (1)

Fixed or flexible gantries hang over tables and work surfaces to illuminate them individually. The space is surrounded with intimate seating whilst two large communal tables provide a places to gather.

Captain Melville, 2012 (Australia) Breathe (4)

Hundreds of timber sections are stacked to create a robust wall between the bar and dining hall.

Captain Melville, 2012 (Australia) Breathe (5)
Captain Melville, 2012 (Australia) Breathe (6)
Captain Melville, 2012 (Australia) Breathe (3)

Captain Melville is shortlisted in the Restaurant & Bar Design Awards 2012 / 13 in the Australia & Pacific Restaurant category.

Photography by Andrew Wuttke.

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