Twitter Interview / Shamil Thakrar


Shamil (third from left) and some of the Dishoom team in Bombay

Shamil Thakrar opened the first Dishoom in Covent Garden with his partners in 2010 in an effort to pay homage to the fading tradition of Bombay’s Irani Cafés. Since then Dishoom has opened up another Café in Shoreditch, a less glamorous more eccentric cousin of the first Café. Shamil, his partners and the rest of the Dishoom team are obsessed with Bombay and try and fritter away as much valuable time as possible sitting in the original Irani Cafés sipping chai.

1. How do you think food and interior design are interlinked?

Food and design can both tell a story – combining them can make the taste and the enjoyment even more powerful

2. Other than your own, which restaurant/bar do you admire for innovative design?

I love going to Petersham Nurseries – the environment beautifully prepares your mood for the food that’s going to come.

3. What’s foremost in your mind when appointing a new designer? 

Chemistry and creativity. Can we really understand one another and can we together bring alive the story in our heads.

4. What would be your ideal location for a new restaurant?

A big baggy old corner pub that’s gone to seed

5. Which is your favourite international shortlisted entry from this year’s R&BDA, and why?

I like Coeur D’Artichaut in Belgium. It’s hard to pick from a picture, but the design made me smile + made me want to eat there!

Thank you to Shamil for taking part in our latest round of twitter interviews, you can read interviews with Kit Kemp, Tom Dixon, Tom Aikens and more on our blog.

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