Nicky’s (Gandia, Spain):
Oscar Vidal


Nicky’s is a unique and fun restaurant in Spain designed by Oscar Vidal for Ozone Group. The source of the group is Hispabowling, which was certainly the starting point for the design of this restaurant and sports bar.

Nicky's (Gandia, Spain) Oscar Vidal (2)

To highlight the presence of wood whilst creating a cozy atmosphere to be able to cope with its multiple uses, the whole room was painted in aged dark grey, which integrates all the pre-existing materials: plaster walls and ceilings, bricks, plinths, carpentry and wooden pallets.

Nicky's (Gandia, Spain) Oscar Vidal (3)

The fantastic art installations of bowling pins, and the long alley like tables and wall fittings, supplied by Hispabowling, create such a playful atmosphere in an otherwise dark and moody space.

Nicky's (Gandia, Spain) Oscar Vidal (1)

The Budi chairs by Francisco Segarra fit in seamlessly with the wooden surfaces, whilst the comfortable and deep armchairs add to the dark, cosy atmosphere.

Nicky's (Gandia, Spain) Oscar Vidal (4)

The winners will be announced at the Awards Ceremony at the Farmiloe Building, London on the 12th September. You can buy tickets for the awards online.

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