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Ceri Richmond / Core

What’s your involvement in the Awards?

We have been a main sponsor and Digital Partner with the Awards since its inception in 2008. We built and maintain the website along with the application process software and judging system (which is all done entirely online). We also work closely with the Awards to develop new digital initiatives such as the Blog and the Directory as well as developing social media strategies, search engine optimisation and email marketing.

How has digital media helped to shape the Awards?

Digital media is integral to the Awards. Almost everything about the process is delivered online, from initial applications, online judging and ticket sales through to the Blog and the newly launched Directory. Through email marketing and the Blog we have ensured that interesting and relevant content is made available and keeps engaging new audiences.

What are you doing for this year’s Awards Event?

We have been working to ensure that social media is integral on the night. Not only will attendees at the event be able to contribute and communicate through social media channelsbut we will also keep the world informed and engaged with news, views and conversation throughout the night.

What excites you about this year’s format?

The format (and location) of this year’s event is going to be amazing. Having seen the plans come together over the past few months we know that this year is going to be bigger and better than previous years, which in itself is a tall order. These events are truly uniqueand this year will not disappoint.

How do you see the Awards’ future in terms of digital?

We see social media and the emerging Blog and Directory as being key to the further growth of the Awards, especially in international territories. We will be continuing to develop new ideas and pushing the boundaries ensuring that the Awards goes on to greater success. Digital media will be key and we will be at the heart of it.

Find us on Twitter: @WeAre_Core

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