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After working as a DJ and then with Steve Jobs at Apple as Head of iTunes Pan EU, in 2010, Martin Morales quit his job to pursue his true passion: Peruvian food. Since then, he has opened a restaurant in London’s Soho, written the cookbook CEVICHE PERUVIAN KITCHEN and just completed a pop up tour around the UK. His restaurant, Ceviche, is shortlisted in the identity category of the Restaurant & Bar Design Awards 2012/13. 

1. How do you think food and interior design are interlinked?

They both work in harmony to present an experience. They must compliment each other, enhance each other and be at one with each other. That’s what we achieved in each of the areas at our restaurant Ceviche in Soho.

2. Other than your own, which restaurant/bar do you admire for innovative design?

Andres Carne De Res in Chia, Colombia. Fiercely independent artistic flair in interior design, produced by hundreds of local artists combine with rustic and rural Colombian home cooking creating total freedom in both areas. Their angle disregards any fashion or trend of any sort, they work with local craftsmen and artists and ingredient producers.

3. What’s foremost in your mind when choosing a designer to work with?

What type of shoes they wear. It says a lot about them. But seriously, what I’m looking for is a partnership where ultimately our designer has better ideas than I or my team have once they have grasped the direction we wish to take.

4. What would be your ideal location for a new restaurant?

For us its about being where people appreciate, are open minded and care about great food. Ceviche‘s food is authentic and creative Peruvian food which is fresh and healthy so our customers are well travelled and open minded.

5. Which is your favourite international shortlisted entry from this year’s R&BDA, and why?

La Cantine, Singapore by The Stripe Collective and Ananas, Australia by Luchetti Krelle. I think they have personality, are memorable and functional, look authentic and fun all at the same time. /

Find Martin on Twitter: @martinceviche and Ceviche: @cevicheuk

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