The Lost & Found (Birmingham, UK):
Kai Design and Arm & Eye


London based interior design studio Kai Design transformed a Grade II listed building in Birmingham into a whimsical paradise; The Lost & Found. Despite being owned by Pitcher & Piano, everything about this venue is unique, even the offerings at the bar come from an in-house menu, and include home-made cocktail syrups.

Blue Omega bar stools line up in front of a bespoke bar, made from vintage fireplace surrounds, whilst engraved pendant lights from Uniche hang above.  The rich botanical wallpaper was designed by Kai Design with the branding and identity studio Arm & Eye, and printed by Forrest & Jones.

Lost & Found 2012 Birmingham Uk Kai Design 2

The amusing top hat pendant lights were found on eBay, and are now suspended by the bespoke dining table, made from parquet flooring.

Lost & Found 2012 Birmingham Uk Kai Design 3

The bespoke fairground light chandelier adding to the sense of whimsy and unusual, was designed by Kai Design made by Gravel Hill Designs. The bespoke leather booths were upholstered by UBC Upholstery.

Lost & Found 2012 Birmingham Uk Kai Design 4

A moving bookcase leads the way into a secret dining room. The bookcases are populated with faux library book fronts from The Original Book Works. 

Lost & Found 2012 Birmingham Uk Kai Design 5

Inspiration for the space was taken from a mysterious Victorian character, Hettie G. Watson, a 19th century explorer and professor who travelled the world in search of new botanical species which she kept hidden in a secret room.

This is certainly reflected in the interiors, as it is a glorious scrapbook of maps, postcards, captured butterflies, lit bird cages and canopies of plants.

Lost & Found 2012 Birmingham Uk Kai Design 6

The Lost & Found interior by Kai Design has been shortlisted in the Standalone Bar or Club category for the Restaurant & Bar Design Awards 2012/13

Lost & Found, 2012 (Birmingham, Uk) Arm & Eye

The beautiful botanical branding work by Arm & Eye has also been shortlisted for the awards in the Identity category.

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