D (Tokyo, Japan):


This gorgeous Tokyo restaurant, known only as ‘D’, was designed by Glamorous as a space away from the outside world. The subtle lighting and dark colours transformed the space into a glowing cavern.

D, 2012 (Japan) Glamourous (2)

Due to the restrictions on space, and the low ceilings – the entire restaurant is only 365 sq ft – Glamorous decided to make everything charcoal grey, from the ceilings to the long communal dining table in walnut running the length of the room. This makes the restaurant appear much bigger than it actually is, and not at all suffocating.

D, 2012 (Japan) Glamourous (3)

A thousand rose gold hued chains hang in a long undulating curtain along the side of the restaurant. This amazing lighting installation created a much needed sense of rhythm and movement to the dark space.

D, 2012 (Japan) Glamourous (4)
D, 2012 (Japan) Glamourous (5)

Restaurant ‘D’ is shortlisted for the Restaurant & Bar Design Awards 2012/13 in the Lighting category. The winners will be announced on the 12th September at London’s Familoe Building. You can purchase tickets for the event online. 

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