Twitter Interview / Dennis Irvine of Fox Linton Associates


Dennis Irvine of Fox Linton Associates

Dennis joined Fox Linton Associates in 2000 and has designed and delivered many projects globally for established hotel brands such as The Dorchester Collection and Raffles hotels and resorts. Fox Linton Associates are the designers behind shortlisted project The Crystal Bar.

1. What do you find most interesting or challenging about designing hospitality venues?

Generating a narrative in collaboration with brand always excites me and the implementation of the ‘story’ that ultimately is engaging, relevant & inspired.

2. What is your greatest source of inspiration?

Global travel, inspired exciting artisans, fashion, colour palettes & pattern that are indigenous to project location.

3. What would be your ideal hospitality project?

Designing the complete guest journey door to door which would encompass all modes of transport and final exotic destination.

4. Which is your favourite shortlisted project from this year’s awards (apart from your own) and why?

AMMO, Absolute attn to detail, wonderful dynamic aesthetic, interior architecture proportion and the humanising scale of the beautifully bespoke designed case goods and of course fantastic street presence.

5. Which aspect of the event this year are you looking forward to the most?

Catching up with old friends, colleagues and celebrating well earned awards with this year’s winners.

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