Alexander Lotersztain:

Alexander Lotersztain

We interviewed Alexander Lotersztain of Derlot, who won Restaurant and Bar Design Awards: Australia & Pacific Bar category, for Alfred & Constance.

What has been the effect of you winning the Australia & Pacific Bar category at the Restaurant and Bar Design Awards this year, and how has it influenced your design plans for future projects?

The reaction to the award has been great and has highlighted our skill and approach on this type of project.

Tell us about the winning project, Alfred & Constance, and how you were inspired to create it.

The approach was set by the original footprint, the heritage house on the site and the will of my client to experiment with a series of themed venues with that aesthetic as the common thread.

Give us an example of a really great food and drink venue that is design-led, and works well for customers, and why this is?

There are a few nice ones in Barcelona. The Moritz beer factory in Barcelona is pretty cool and has a number of alternative spaces, well branded and can be both intimate and social..

Which hospitality operator would you love to work for and why?

I think I would like to explore the possibility of working with a hotel chain, do a pop up bar/cafe concept from within the hotels…maybe W or an Ace collaboration?

What trends do you foresee for the next few years in designing for this sector?

I think the industrial look has a couple more years……I think it will be a more refined experience…the grown up hipster.

Can you tell us any of your plans for 2014?

Plenty…I have just recently opened my own restaurant/bar DEPO, in Brisbane, underneath my company’s HQ, its a fun place, lots going on…it’s a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde sort of place – a gallery, a movie theatre, a live comedy club, a fine dining experience and a farm-to-table organic cafe during the day. It has a pop up store with items I collect on my travels.

People seem to like it and enjoy spending time there…so lots of plans for the new year on the space…collaboration with MINI and a few art events.


Image: copyright Florian Groehn

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