Restaurant & Bar Nazdrowje:
Richard Lindvall

Nazdrowje 01

The assignment was to turn a car park into a restaurant and nightclub. After a research trip to Poland, including visits to old factories, the concept took shape and the restaurant was named Nazdrowje (Polish for cheers).

Nazdrowje 02

The natural raw atmosphere of the space was kept and used as a base for the concept. Floors were made of concrete and casted benches were mounted directly onto the walls. A large fire place in copper and a unique lighting arrangement was custom-made to give warmth to the industrial environment.

Nazdrowje 03

The copper items, lighting system and open fireplace are all designed by me. In contrast to the hard feeling from the concrete I wanted something to give the space warmth. Hence I chose copper since the colour gives a good contrast to the concrete and ages beautifully. I found the hanging pendant lamps in an antique store in Stockholm.

Nazdrowje 05

The idea for the artwork came to me during the project. I got to know the workers and their history and felt it was both a bit of an honour and a fun detail to let them be a part of the future of the restaurant by displaying them on the walls. They really had a good time getting their photos taken by a professional photographer (Mattias Lindbäck)!

Nazdrowje 06

Frequently used materials include concrete, copper, steel and white tiles.

Nazdrowje 07

Richard Lindvall

Images: Mattias Lindbäck

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