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Malmö 6

The project has been developed from the base of an old Italian restaurant. Its main spatial structure has been kept, focusing the activity on the treatment of the inner surroundings. The main objective of the project was to create a warm and intimate atmosphere that provides a certain cosy environment. Colour invades the furniture and the ash wood is the backdrop that surrounds the whole space.

Malmö 3

The venue consists of entrance, bar and restaurant. All the areas of the project are closely connected, having permeability always in mind. The only elements of division: the outside gate and the main door, which can be completely opened, creating a single open space, allowing the outside into the inside.

Malmö 1

The entrance, edged by wood, is a black box made of hard and industrial urban style materials, acting as a transition area between the outside and the restaurant.

Malmö 20

In the heart of the space, the “Malmö, grönsaker och vänner” illustration of the Valencian artist Lawerta, adds intimacy through a typographic game that dances amongst vegetables and fruits.

Malmö 4

Colour is the focus, expressing itself through the furniture. The set has been chosen or designed following the original premise of the project: achieve an intimate and warm atmosphere.

Malmö 2


Therefore, different pieces such as Hay’s J77 chair or Punt’s Whiskey chair in pure bright colours have been mixed with other pieces designed specifically for the space, such as the stools of the bar area and all the the tables, which use an open and fresh mosaic of colours.

Malmö 7

Photography: Borja Garcia Studio

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