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“Before starting the design, the client specifically did not request so much. A few requests were, simply they wanted a cool restaurant above all, and its basis was a specialty restaurant of Tonkotsu Ramen (Pork soup Noodle).

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It is not easy to make just vaguely cool restaurant. So firstly I started to look for a main direction of the design, and I conceived of using the Tonkotsu Ramen (Pork soup noodle) itself, which is popular, but is far from the image of cool, as interior motifs to establish a cool Ramen restaurant.

Ramen Bar 03

In particular, I made a mosaic wall as a signboard, put fences like undulating noodle to cover the stairs, made ramen bowl shaped seats. The pendant lights are made of wire inspired by the Tonkotsu ramen noodle. (It is called Harigane (wire) because of its hardness). I sprayed white on the wall, which expressed pork soup, and set with the Ramen itself as the motif through the restaurant.

Ramen Bar 04

I aimed to design an innovative Ramen restaurant and a space where people can feel comfortable. Through feedback from the client after I had submitted the design, I got another request that they would prefer to use the space more flexibly. They wanted to use the seats for various types of customers, from small to big groups.

Ramen Bar 05

The ramen bowl shaped seats could have limited the usage, reducing the seat numbers. Therefore I figured out flexible rounded shape sofas, which can be combined in various layouts.”

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