Les Bébés Cupcakery:
JC Architecture

Les Bébés Cupcakery 01

Les Bébés Cupcakery was conceived as not only a cupcake bakery, but also as a store, in celebration of cupcakes.

Les Bébés Cupcakery 02

The designers, JC Architecture, took their design inspiration from the ‘purity, elegance and simplicity’ of the cakes themselves, and wanted the spaces ‘to reflect these kinds of qualities’.

Les Bébés Cupcakery 03

The aim was for the customer to not only be able to visualise the space, but experience it as well.

Les Bébés Cupcakery 04

A key feature the designers wished to incorporate was that passers-by should be able to glance into the store and be able to enjoy a similar experience to customers inside, which would tempt them inside to purchase the cupcakes and take home a little bit of Les Bébés Cupcakery.

Les Bébés Cupcakery 05

Images copyright Kevin Wu

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