Domus Sent Sovi Gastronomic Centre:
MSB d’arquitectura i disseny


Domus Sent Sovi Gastronomic Centre, designed by MSB d’arquitectura i disseny, is located in a former cork factory, which in turn was the old school building in Holstalric village, Catalonia, and takes up three floors of the building.

Domus 06

Catalan’s culinary heritage and indigenous products form the basis of the gastronomic centre, and the emphasis is on tasting, seeing, and experiencing the products of the region, and explaining their importance.

Domus 11

The variation in types of spaces (auditorium, exhibition space, shop, workshops, restaurant) and the fact that the Centre is spread over three floors has demanded of the architect the design of a functional, yet unifying space for all the purposes of the building.

Domus 17

Nature has been a primary inspiration for the design, using organic and dynamic forms, and iron has been used as a primary material. In the architect’s view, this serves as functional, yet creates abstract landscapes for the visitor to experience.

Domus 19

The three floors range from a prosaic and practical ground floor for workshops, to the floor below – singled out as a reflective space – for listening and absorbing. On the top floor, a more playful space awaits, where the creations of the chefs, and drinks in the bar, accompany views over the medieval city of Hostalric as well as the perfect place to enjoy the architectural landscapes of the Centre itself.

Domus 01

Images copyright Miquel Merce

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