Café Ki:

Café Ki, designed by Japanese design office id, opened in 2013 in Setagaya-ku, Tokyo.


Taking the design inspiration from trees and forests (the Japanese word ‘ki’ translates as ‘tree’), id have conceived a space to enjoy coffee and pastries in a minimalist environment, as you might enjoy a picnic in the woods.


The space and furniture have been designed to be very flexible in their use, while the predominantly white interior of the Café is offset by the coffee coloured steel ‘trees’ whose branches serve as table legs, and hangers for hats and coats.


The wooden branches also provide a subtle way of dividing seating spaces, so that no-one feels too crowded while sitting on the large table, which can accommodate a lot of people. The table leg itself can be positioned randomly, allowing customers to have a wider choice of seats.


id not only designed the interior of Café Ki, but also the branding, uniforms, and other original products specifically for the café, making it a completely integrated project.


Images © N. Yamauchi


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