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Café Society has come to China, and Gaga is at the forefront of new developments for the up and coming young socialites and creative professionals who are an increasing part of the urban population.

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Coordination Asia was commissioned to redesign deli and eatery Gaga, which is “a young, fresh, modern and fashion forward brand that distinguishes itself with a great eye for detail.”

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They built on the essence of the existing brand, and have created a space that blurs the boundaries between the indoors and the outdoors.

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The main concept for the new interior – “blurring thresholds”, in the words of Coordination Asia – has resulted in a spacious and elegant feel to the café, which offers an enticing invitation to passing shoppers.

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One of the design methods of connecting inside and outside is by a custom made ceiling installation of lamellas, which gives the impression of being a burst of sun rays from deep within the interior space. The lamella theme is continued throughout the venue, including along the walls, which provides shelving for merchandise.

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Gaga is a multi-functional space, and takes on a lounge atmosphere in the evening, where customers can relax to soft jazz music, either inside, or on the very pleasant patio. Again the interior and exterior spaces are cleverly linked by the outdoor floor panelling morphing into marble interior flooring.

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The established colour scheme of the brand has been used at Gaga, and Coordination Asia told us that, “rustic wood, soft organic textiles and a green decor create a stylish and harmonious environment that is warm, natural and cosy.”

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Flexible seating has been utilised at the venue to ensure comfort even when it is busy, and consists of plush sofa benches that line one side of the space and extend to the outdoor area, with floating seats in the middle that can be arranged according to the size of groups visiting Gaga.

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