MuVIM Terrace:
Carmen Baselga Studio

MuVIM 937

The MuVIM Terrace, designed by Carmen Baselga Studios, is part of the museum building designed by Vázquez Consuegra (Museo Valenciano de la Ilustración y la Modernidad). This new urban space is situated between the gardens of the old Valencia General Hospital (nowadays a public library), and the museum building itself.

MuVIM 1039

The terrace design fits well with its surroundings, as it incorporates green space on one side, and concrete on the other, yet has its own style. The client commissioned the space to include versatility and freshness, with the possibility of changing the space with mobile structures.

MuVIM 935

There are two zones in the 475m2 used for the terrace, one more formal, with tables; and one furnished with small sofas to relax on. The zones reflect their different purposes – as a restaurant in one area, a coffee and drinks bar in the other.

MuVIM 1073

The studio has also designed a group of tables and sunshades, as well as the ‘mini-sofas’, and these are combined with low tables made of carbonium steel sheets, which in addition,, is the material used for the mobile bar. Everything is in two shades of grey, which ensures they are, “in harmony with the concrete of the façade, and the blackboard of the pavement.”

MuVIM 976

Carmen Baselga Studios told us, “The industrial metal look is in consonance with the surrounding materials, from which emerges the chromatic colours of the sunshades, that makes the sunlight project patterns through them, that are similar to the traditional “cañizos” that were used in the typical beach Spanish bars called “chiringuitos”.”

MuVIM 1066

The tables with integrated sunshades can be used individually or in groups of four, to make a square, and the sunshades can be used at different heights, or combined, to make different patterns, and protect visitors from the sun at any angle.

The chair pictured is ‘Sail’ by Andreu World.

Images © Hector Rubio

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