Light Cave:
Moriyuki Ochiai Architects

Light Cave 04

The interior design for the Light Cave restaurant and bar was designed by Moriyuki Ochiai Architects for the long and narrow cave-like space afforded to them, where dynamic ridges and furrows enable brilliant light to be reflected around the room in an ever-changing radiance.

Light Cave 2

The area around the entrance to the restaurant is adorned with ‘glimmering fragments of light…like shards of ice or crystal, lending the space a serene atmosphere reminiscent of light on a cool winter day.’

Light Cave 1

Luminous aluminum waves whirl through the air and intertwine with a red timber lattice at the edge of the rear area of the restaurant, which faces large windows, and results in a space ‘brimming with a feeling of lively motion’.

Light Cave 8

The shimmering effect of the light shards at both the front and back of the space are amplified by the aluminium waves and timber lattice, creating unique light patterns around the interior of the restaurant which are never the same.

Light Cave 5

The architects sought to design ‘a universe in which one can wander into a cosy cave and enjoy transforming scenery as our bodies become enfolded in a whirl of vibrant light.’

Light Cave 3

Images © Tetsu Hiraga


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