El Fabuloso:
MEMA Arquitectos

El Fabuloso 6136

El Fabuloso, a high end restaurant and bar located on one of the busiest streets in Bogotá, is a 500 capacity venue, designed with ‘woven’ timber inside to enhance the acoustics.

El Fabuloso 6117

The inspiration for the project design was the idea of recreating the experience and atmosphere of enjoying a picnic – of celebration of the day and of a good sunset. The interior was designed by MEMA Arquitectos to be reminiscent of a basket containing different layers, and the timber weave can be opened and closed to provide varying acoustic experiences and views of the city from inside.

El Fabuloso 6145

The designers chose wood for the ceiling because this material can give a depth to sound that other material cannot, and they have built it at several heights throughout the restaurant to further optimise the sound in different areas to the benefit of the customer.

El Fabuloso 6038

El Fabuloso also has several terraces, where gardens and water create a relaxing and tranquil atmosphere, offering views of the city and other parts of the project. The restaurant features an open kitchen with a wood fired oven at its centre, contributing to the chilled ambience of the restaurant compared to the bar.

El Fabuloso 6084

The use of raw, authentic materials in the project stems from the designers’ belief that they are better suited to engendering ‘soul’ in a venue than manufactured materials. Wood, metal and concrete were used throughout, and the designers say, ‘we sought to push the boundaries of the use of these materials, to explore them and learn from them.’

Images © Mauricio Mendoza


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