Don Café:

Don Cafe 08

Don Café House, Pristina, was the first of the company’s cafes to open in Kosovo. The opening is part of an expansion of the Don Café brand, based in Romania. It will be part of a chain of cafés that showcase the coffee brand.

Don Cafe 05

The designers, Innarch, conceptualised a modern café space, and ‘the inspiration for the design derives from sacks filled with coffee grains.’ The café’s walls have an ‘organic’ shape, are made of plywood, and are the colour of coffee bean sacks. The pillars in between are coated with textile coffee sacks.

Don Cafe 06

To give the impression of being inside a sack of coffee, the tables and chandeliers are arranged asymmetrically around the café. The seats, formed from the walls, are both functional and decorative, being the most dominant part of the cafe, and providing unique seating space.

Don Cafe 01

Tables and chairs in the middle of the café area are also uniquely designed, and carry through the ‘coffee bean’ motif. The ‘neck’ of the sack of coffee shape is completed by the walls meeting behind the bar, which also provides a display area for merchandise.

Don Cafe 09

Innarch say that, ‘The bar shape plays an important role in the functioning of the cafe too, by generating diversities in the sorts of coffees and tastes on the menu.’

Don Cafe 11

All the plywood elements were individually designed, in order to build up the overall organic shape, and in all, 1365 pieces of plywood were used.

Images © Atdhe Mulla

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