The More Coffee & Brunch:
Betwin Space Design

The More 05
Betwin’s clients for The More Coffee & Brunch had a modern minimalist theme in mind, but the designers also wanted to ensure that an element of ‘refined chic’ was incorporated into the space.

The More 08

Working in a narrow space, only 53.4 ㎡, Betwin concentrated on the aesthetics of the cafe being on show, and the functional parts were behind the scenes.

The More 07

Making use of white and pale colours to give the impression of a larger space, and using functionality through form – for example the side table niche lighting, and doing away with edging around doors and windows – utilised as much of the space as possible with clean and uncluttered lines.

The More 14

More than anything, Betwin wanted to create a space that was unique, and not following the same design trends that have been replicated often in recent years.

The More 04

The More combines sleek lines and the illusion of space, incorporating form and function seamlessly into the design.

The More 10

Images © Lee Pyo-joon / Betwin Space Design

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