Gordon Street Garage:
Foolscap Studio

Gordon Street Garage_01

The concept of the Gordon Street Garage, located in an industrial area of West Perth, is that of the traditional Italian country kitchen and homestead, where passata, pasta and wine are made from scratch by the family. The former mechanics shop, now transformed into a ‘Nonna’-style kitchen and restaurant, has been designed by Foolscap Studio in collaboration with owner Nic Trimboli.

Gordon Street Garage_02

The area of the restaurant is very large, and so has been divided into different spaces to offer a variety of dining experiences – from fast dining at the front of the restaurant, using stools, small tables and a communal table; there is a folded zinc bar in the centre area, which offers higher ‘bar’ style seating; and a family style dining space at the rear of the restaurant and under the mezzanine, where banquettes are the main seating type.

Gordon Street Garage_03

Foolscap Studio added a large steel framed glazed wall to the existing structure, enabling an outdoor garden to be created, and the roof was removed in this area to let in the sunlight. The colour palette reflects classic Mediterranean blue and white, and the inclusion of hand-painted tiles cladding the zinc top bars also gives the nod to Italian tradition.

Gordon Street Garage_05

The large pizza oven stack has been constructed with glazed grey and white bricks, and on the mezzanine level of the restaurant, this also forms the fireplace housing. Peg boards used over the banquette seating refer back to the building’s former existence, and help create an intimate and cosy atmosphere in this dining area, and industrial lighting from an army barracks is used over the bar space.

Gordon Street Garage_06

Making reference to the history of the building has been continued by the reappropriation of the original jarrah floorboards for skirting boards and wall cladding, as well as using the vintage blue and white signage of the garage for the office space upstairs.

Gordon Street Garage_07

Foolscap Studio collaborated with Justin Lamont of Life Space Journey to design the black wax steel wall lights and overhead lights that hang over the custom designed bus seats (booth seats), as well as the custom tables. There are also custom steel and zinc benches in the bathrooms, and a zinc and fibre cement-clad cake display stand.

Images © Penny Lane

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