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Rice Home, located in Guangzhou City, China, is a new premium casual dining brand, which originated in Hong Kong. The brand’s aim is to pay particular attention to serving high quality rice, in contemporary recipes, and to excellent customer service. The creatively blended modern and innovative food extends to the interior design style – cosmopolitan and stylish.

Rice Home 06

The Chief Designers at AS Design, Four Lau and Sam Sum, had only a short time to complete the design concept, and chose to emphasise a fun, younger oriented design style to suit the target customer.

Rice Home 10

Using a hexagon shape and the colour yellow, the impression of a beehive and honeycomb was suggested, and this natural structure was placed in every corner, representing a dynamic Home / Living space, and the young and dynamic image of the brand, representing working hard to delve into new food products, much like bees.

Rice Home 09

A sense of dynamism is provided by the use of irregular hexagons, and they also enhance spatial layering at the shop front, where 3-dimensional black hexagons are ‘surrounded by the inner and outer increasing contrast in colours’.

Rice Home 02

The interior walls are decorated with light-coloured hexagons on a black background, with the 3-dimensional hexagons on the ceiling acting to connect the indoor and outdoor spaces.

AS Design note: ‘Bright yellow and lighting effects inject a huge 3-dimensional sense of tension into the small space, and also hides all of the air conditioning.’

Rice Home 12

Curved walls and bowl shaped sculptures are used to capture and anticipate food aromas, encouraging appetite in the customers, and the yellow spheres are symbolic of certain food elements. The menus are displayed on television screens to contribute to the high-tech effect.

Rice Home 07

Images © Sing Studio by Sum Sing

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