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Pastel is the newly opened brasserie designed by Baranowitz Kronenberg (BK), located in the new wing of the Tel Aviv Museum of Art. BK have developed a 400sqm empty space at the ground level of the striking new wing, that faces the museum’s sculpture garden and its grove of eucalyptus trees. It is an exclusive setting for a restaurant unlike any other in the city.

Pastel 002

Pastel is first and foremost a city restaurant though, and not a museum restaurant. Free from the opening hours of the museum, Pastel is connected to the city’s heartbeat, and is a unique social venue in Tel Aviv’s cultural centre. The entrance to Pastel is through a public piazza which flanks the museum compound, and visitors exit the museum and cross over to Pastel by walking through the sculpture garden.

Pastel 008

‘BK developed an indigenous narrative for Pastel inspired by two opposite worlds; the world of “new and next” represented by the hyper geometric architecture of the new wing; and the world of The Brasserie, an almost two centuries old culinary and socializing bastion of the western world.’

Pastel 006

The ‘new and next’ area is characterised by the shades of white, and geometric patterns, enhanced by the light from the south-east reflecting off the grey stone flooring; whilst the brasserie area is the embodiment of classic styling – booth seating, crystal chandeliers, luxurious marble tops, and Thonet chairs in a Bordeaux colour, and placed on top of a herringbone wooden platform.

Pastel 013

A ‘Study’ has been incorporated at the far end of Pastel, meaning even large groups of people can have some privacy, in the company of the large wine library. The dining area affords views of the terrace and sculpture garden as well as the interior, and all guests can enjoy these views thanks to the seating arrangements.

Pastel 011

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