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The Stripe Collective

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Working very closely with their client’s creative team, The Stripe Collective’s brief for the new Art Bar was to transform and regenerate an already established edgy music focused venue, Fash Club, into ‘a gallery-meets-bar-meets-nightclub’ at One Fullerton in Singapore.

Art Bar

In The Stripe Collective’s words, “We wanted to convey two main principles that are important to the identity of the space. Random & Irreverence. We want the customer to essentially get lost in an audio and visual blend of random silliness, found fabulousness, junkyard chic and emerging beats. Art Bar today is what “cool” will be next week, next month, next year. And to reflect the club’s positioning statement: ‘Helping you forget how you got home since 2006’.”

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The design team stripped everything back to basics, and created a more quirky, cosy and arty space. They upcycled and re-purposed objects and furniture, the lighting and wall treatments, and the style was carried through to the branding also. Using handcrafted bespoke furniture and art, the venue took on the feeling of familiarity, yet with everything unique to the space.

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“Paint tins, buckets, old crates and car seats are turned into seating, oil drums become tables, detergent bottles and ‘rings of things’ (found objects hung on metal hoops) are used to create lighting. Basic materials such as old doors, bricks, metro tiles, peeling plaster and plywood cover the walls. One bar looks like a tool shed, the other is made up of washing machine fronts like in an old launderette.”

Art Bar 3018

It is intended that the space will be refreshed throughout the year with a changing landscape of art works, and that the space will take on a lived-in and loved character. The Stripe Collective wanted to create a cool environment incorporating “music, art, design, fashion and bar culture…a high energy vibrant space with a strong ‘visual noise’ that challenges what is expected from a conventional nightspot.”

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Carrying the ‘upcycling’ design philosophy across the interior, art direction, branding and music, it is hoped that the Art Bar will be a place for “artists, creatives and anyone who likes a good time [to] come and unwind and be exposed to art and design in a new and exciting way.”

Art Bar 12

Images © Brett Boardman

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