Oxwell & Co:
The Stripe Collective


This venue in an historic part of Chinatown, Singapore, was in need of a complete renovation when The Stripe Collective took on the job of designing and branding Oxwell & Co, a new restaurant and bar on three floors.


Originally a shop house (a common type of building in S.E. Asia, providing both retail and residential spaces inside) in a bustling part of town, the name is taken from the fact that oxen used to come here to drink, at the area’s only well – hence Oxwell.


The Stripe Collective stripped the whole building to uncover the original architecture, and found timber beams and floorboards that could be sanded and re-stained, and even the walls were taken back to the original plaster.


The ground floor style has a “raucous public house vibe, complete with vintage bar stools, a medieval-chic coat of arms, and hundreds of tungsten bulbs dangling on vintage wires over the 300-year-old Ceylon railway sleeper bar, specially imported from Sri Lanka.”


On the first floor, there is a 36 seat dining room, that has the benefit of the original French windows, giving floor-to-ceiling natural light. The designers had traditional British pub wall panelling flown in, and hung a multitude of lamps made from bespoke fabrics, yet in classic styles, all around the room.


For a more intimate dining experience, the second floor Victorian-inspired dining room seating 14 people, comes complete with humorous art commissioned by The Stripe Collective, including ‘quirkily painted horn art’, a ‘touch of taxidermy’ and a ‘life-sized Ox head carved out of solid teak that hangs on the wall like a trophy.’


All the furniture in the venue – mahogany, leather and velvet – has been created bespoke for Oxwell & Co by craftspeople in the region, and all the lighting is also designed by The Stripe Collective.

Images © Brett Boardman

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