The Green Door:
The Stripe Collective


Sumptuous secret garden style bar The Green Door, in Dempsey, Singapore is situated in the heart of this popular downtown area. In designing it, The Stripe Collective wanted to respect the surroundings and colonial architecture, whilst enhancing this urban outdoor asset.


The designers created the brand ‘The Green Door’ as a spur to curiosity – what could lie behind the green door? Adding intriguing details such as a 7 foot tall hand-carved wooden bear, peeking over the walls, and holding a glowing honeypot; and a miniature green door fitted into those walls, leading to an enchanted pathway, all enhance the whimsical and playful atmosphere of the bar.


Unique in the Dempsey area as a ‘before and after dinner bar’, but also offering a snacks menu and brunch, The Green Door is first and foremost a relaxing bar making the most of nature in the city.


Inspired by the ‘indoor-outdoor garden vibe’ and the ‘curiously magical atmosphere’, The Stripe Collective have filled the garden with wall art and decorative animal sculptures, and the inside has, ‘elaborate ceiling lighting and sculptures inspired by flowers, wall sconces that play with shadows and silhouettes and branding graphics’.


Upcycling was also important to the designers, who have a strong ‘waste not, want not’ approach. Bar staff can use old chests of drawers and a bathtub for growing herbs in; parts of bicycles have become wall art and vanity cabinets; discarded jam jars now form pendant lighting installations.


In addition, a multitude of drawer fronts has been made into a sprawling wall detail, where they pull out to make high tables; trunks are transformed into lounge tables; and an array of the kind of old things lying forgotten in overgrown gardens has been brought back into use.


Images © The Stripe Collective

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