Biribildu Souvlaki:
Minas Kosmidis

Biribildu 10

The Basque word ‘biribildu’ means ‘round’. This fast food restaurant designed by Minas Kosmidis incorporates elements of Greek cuisine, and is also related to wheels, and spinning round. It also turns like the Greek speciality gyros – which are meat snacks cooked on a vertical rotating spit – and gyros forms the basis of Biribildu’s menu.

Biribildu 1

Inspired by the spinning and rotating of this traditional food, the decor and theme of Biribildu is based on fairground rides – in particular the carousel, that turns to music, while children ride on the brightly coloured horses.

Biribildu 4

Two horses from the carousel welcome customers into the restaurant, and they also determine how people move around the space. Three huge wooden boxes have been placed parallel with the facade, and they conceal the kitchen, bathroom facilities and storage, and they have been made to look like boxes for transporting useful items belonging to the Biribildu Circus. Among the boxes are the cash desk (decorated to look like a tiger cage), and above one box is a wheel where Mr Biribildu’s knives are kept.

Biribildu 2

To the left of the cash desk is the serving area, overhung with ornate ironwork lighting, where customers can see and choose their orders from the open kitchen. To the right of the cash desk, diners can sit at tables of different heights to eat, with lamps in the shape of the circus Big Top overhead. Posters, sketches and stamps on a circus/fairground theme decorate the interior of the restaurant, adding to the atmosphere.

Biribildu 8

Even the toilets are part of the theme, being reminiscent of the circus troupe’s dressing rooms. The ceilings are plastered to give a vintage appearance, the air vents are decorated in what looks like traditional Mediterranean tiles, and the floor having the colour of sawdust completes the circus theme.

Biribildu 6

Red and yellow are used throughout, as they are symbolic colours of the circus, and easily recognisable as such.

Biribildu 5



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