VIP Lounge ARCOmadrid:
Q:NO Arquitectos

VIP Lounge at ARCOmadrid

The pub, restaurant and lounge of the VIP Room were pop-up spaces at the ARCOmadrid Fair in 2013, designed by Q:NO Arquitectos. They were fluent areas which were created through a decontextualised use of drywall construction systems.

VIP Lounge at ARCOmadrid 01

As a result, the elements gave the design its name: “The Cave”. This room is broken up by defining different environments that interact with the integration of an architectural design in a brief area that is reminiscent of the beginnings of architecture.

VIP Lounge at ARCOmadrid 02

The main challenge was to devise another use for an existing construction system in order to generate a completely original structure, with an easy and quick assembly process (10 days), without any possibility of drilling; and regulated for an easier disassembly (two days) in line with the international art context of the ARCOmadrid Fair.

VIP Lounge at ARCOmadrid 05

The final result of the VIP Lounge at ARCOmadrid 2013 consists of an original area based on an alternative understanding of drywall construction systems. This way, a new un-conventional image is obtained with an infinite number of formal and spatial possibilities: in particular, the reuse of 80% of its materials.

VIP Lounge at ARCOmadrid 06
VIP Lounge at ARCOmadrid 04

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