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The sausage and beer parlour Bestie is the first for the restaurateurs, whose background is in art and design.

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The space was designed by Scott & Scott Architects around the owners’ desire to build the 25 seat restaurant themselves. The design uses common materials which can be worked with a few simple tools and a limited number of everyday details which are repeated to allow for the work to be completed on site with minimal shop support.

Scott and Scott Architects Bestie Currywurst 3

The budget was limited for this project, yet the designers say, “This was not a challenge as we looked at the limited amount of money as a design opportunity. The project seed funding of C$16,000 was crowd sourced from an Indiegogo campaign and along with it came a base of supporters. This encouragement of an excitement about a restaurant selling well-considered German street food made with quality local materials was reinforced with the use of simple details and undervalued building material.”

Scott and Scott Architects Bestie Currywurst 6

The space uses ordinary materials such as oiled economy grade spruce lumber, copper hardware and counters. The floors and walls are painted in the eating hall as an easily maintained backdrop.

Scott and Scott Architects Bestie Currywurst 7

The main wall has an array of 116 holes and wooden pegs which will support an ever-changing rotating composition of art, coats, and pendant lights. The kitchen is fitted with a tool and stein hanging system that can be adjusted and added to over time.

Scott and Scott Architects Bestie Currywurst 9

Images © Scott & Scott Architects

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