Sake No Hana Dubai:
age co

Sake No Hana Lounge_1

The restaurant Sake No Hana Dubai is divided into a lounge area and a dining area. The two spaces are divided by a ‘vertical interval’ and this has facilitated the lounge being designed as the ‘outside’ and the restaurant as the ‘inside’. The whole area covers approximately 12,500 ft sq.

Sake No Hana Lounge_2

The aim of the design, by age co, was to express the traditions of Japan in a modern and dynamic manner for the Dubai restaurant, and there are many details drawn from Japanese traditional designs incorporated into both the lounge and dining areas.

Sake No Hana Lounge_3

For example, an engraving process serves to conjure up the traditional water ring etched in stone, and the beams and pillars in the restaurant reference the old style of a Japanese private house.

Sake No Hana Restaurant_1

The traditional Japanese design details were executed to a high standard by local craftsmen, who had not previously undertaken this style of work. They also sourced local materials similar to those brought to Dubai from Japan, which enhanced and authenticated the design.

Sake No Hana Restaurant_2

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