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Llama, one of the first South American inspired restaurants to open in Copenhagen, was designed by a collaboration of designers: Kilo founder Lars Larsen, creative advisor Jonas Hartz of Hz, and BIG partners Jakob Lange and Bjarke Ingels.

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Whilst drawing heavily on the culture and cuisine of many of the South American countries, including Peru, Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador, Chile, and also Mexico, the design team have retained a Nordic look and feel for the restaurant.

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The space that is now Llama was a dark, impersonal basement for some years. Designers Larsen and Lange created an open space more suitable for a cosy restaurant. The walls and floors are lined with handcrafted Mexican cement tiles, melding traditional design influences from Latin America with Copenhagen cool.

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A number of main themes run throughout the interior design, connecting linked experiences throughout the restaurant, and these include the use of colourful tiles, black furniture, a vibrant green wall, and brass light fittings.

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From an architectural point of view, I think we have created a remarkable transformation – the main idea of merging two cultures has turned an interpretation of a traditional Latin American vernacular into a contemporary Copenhagen public space.

BIG Partner Jakob Lange.

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Kilo founder and Head of Design Lars Larsen echoes Lange’s observations: “Llama is product of a strong creative team with an ambition to crate a strong social space in a span between South America and Copenhagen – the flamboyant and the understated merging to create a restaurant with an international feel rooted in Scandinavian heritage.”

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