Tommaso Guerra

Bird boxes in Cicero (Rome)

Cicero, a bistro located in the heart of the Prati district in Rome, and designed by Tommaso Guerra, reflects the owner’s vision of the bistro creating ‘a sense of home’, and this was the starting point for the project. This idea was at the centre of the design brief, and has been realised by Guerra in the form of the use of pastel colours, light coloured wood, and colourful fabrics.

Cicero 04_bancone_totale_01

One large space, shared between the customer and the bartender, is fitted with high stools and breakfast/coffee bar style tables, some of which have traditional curved legs – reminiscent of a dining table. This space is the at the heart of life in the morning – breakfast time – and also at the heart of the evening – with cocktails on the menu.

Cicero 02_salottino

Incorporating a ‘nest’ of hundreds of woven hazelnut-tree and sorghum branches, the seating area brings the woodland into the home-like space, and with the addition of a collection of bird-boxes attached to a wall papered with a leafy design, the picnic in a forest theme is complete.

Cicero 17_notte

With 55 cotton handmade lampshades suspended from the ceiling, of all different shapes and textures, and a wall hung with a selection of paintings by Patrizio Anastasi, inspired by concepts of home – both natural and artificial (Guerra points out the bird box, juxtaposed with a tent or tepee – every aspect of the restaurant, even the blinds and curtains, have a homely feel.

Cicero 14_parete_quadri

The ‘sense of home’ is also borne out by the use of colours and materials often found in Scandinavian homes: cool and subtle colouring for the decor, extensive use of blonde woods – roughly varnished in white, as though to protect the customers from the harsh northerly winds.

Cicero 15_mood_03-


Cicero 03_mood_04-

Images © Leda Ricchi


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