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Sushizilla, a ‘beast of a sushi train restaurant’ – say its designers Vie Studio – aims to be both fun and to offer food of exceptional quality. Referencing Japanese comics and pop culture, the restaurant is a vibrant and colourful addition to the Chippendale Creative Precinct on the outskirts of Sydney.

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Incorporating high-tech ordering into the domain of a traditional sushi train restaurant, Sushizilla offers touch screen ordering for each customer – excepting the sushi available on the train. For even faster service for busy people, Sushizilla Express is a self-service takeaway within a walk-in kiosk.

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The neon sign, splashes of colour, and “tetris-like linear geometry” immediately transport the customer into the world of the old-school gaming arcade, and Vie Studio has focused on creating an engaging façade to the restaurant, to meet the client’s brief to design a unique dining experience.

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Vie Studio explain: ‘The interior pays tribute to early computer games’ raster graphics through the ingenious use of rectilinear geometry exhibited in the coloured square tiles and milk crates. Sushizilla’s energetic colour scheme is beautifully balanced by the subtlety of neutral engineered stone, textured paint finish and exposed concrete. The contrast between vibrancy and neutral tones adds a playful contemporary twist to the once-hip gaming arcade.’

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Artist Siori Kitajima created the striking comic-book style mural in black and white, which complements the overall design.

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Images © Andrew Worssam

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