Cupetit Concept:
GUOPLUS LivingDesign

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Cupetit Concept is a cupcake concept store in Taiwan tailored for metropolitan women, designed by GUOPLUS LivingDesign. In addition to selling cupcakes, Cupetit Concept features unique space design, and a gallery function provides an arena for local young artists to showcase their artworks.

Cupetit 004

In the design of the space, there is no cake cabinet between the customers and the sale associates – people can interact freely and openly, revealing Cupetit Concept’s brand philosophy. Through the combination of beautiful artworks and delicious desserts, GUOPLUS LivingDesign hope that the space will provide an oasis for busy city dwellers.

Cupetit 002

In terms of the space, the designers have taken the inspiration of the round shape of a cupcake and coordinated this with the necessary functions of the space, leading to a series of correspondingly circular objects: the round art display wall, the circular counter, the round table, and the chandelier.

Cupetit 005

Orange, Cupetit’s major branding colour, is used predominately throughout the design, and intends to convey the spirit of the ‘modern metropolitan woman’.

Cupetit 008

Cupetit Concept is also a multi-function venue. It can be turned into a bar or performing stage given the lights are specifically designed for different occasions to serve various purposes.

Cupetit 003

Images © Huang shih-Yu

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