Flipboard Café:
Brolly Design

04 Flipboard TM Photo

Flipboard Café, designed by Brolly Design, and located in Melbourne, is a small café on several levels, specialising in healthy meals and coffee. It has been carefully situated in a tiny space near the Bennetts Lane Jazz Club, and a shopfront unused for 20 years, close by the design studios.

Flipboard 1 TM photo

Originally, the space occupied by Flipboard was a passageway to other venues, but now exists as its own destination amongst the other businesses. Whilst renovating the space, Brolly Design were able to open up areas plasterboarded up by previous occupants, meaning the interior now has a series of cosy nooks in which to enjoy the menu.

11 Flipboard TM Photo

By installing a central staircase in the interestingly shaped building, the usual layout of coffee shops has been transformed into a vertical space. The staircase also ‘helps to build depth in the space’ and draws the eye to find more areas of interest within the café.

09 Flipboard TM Photo

The niches and cubicles formed by the architecture form intimate spaces, but since they are positioned close to the windows and other recesses, they are also light and expansive.

07 Flipboard TM Photo

Images © Tanja Milbourne


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