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Working on the premise that by bringing art into the dining area, it can become a feast for the eyes as well as the taste buds, and inspired by the artist M C Escher, designers Beige Design have created a restaurant interior based on his drawing ‘Cycle’.

Fairwood Cafe 23a

The lively characters in the drawing act as a metaphor for the brand’s logo, and help to define the space as a smart yet casual atmosphere at the stylish Fairwood Café, located in Beijing. From the outside, a sense of flexibility and harmony has been created by the black mild steel frames and the wire-glass folding gates.

Fairwood Cafe 25a

The restaurant boasts two dining areas, and Beige Design have designed different seating appropriate to the two styles of spaces. The grand dining hall has a large and eye-catching background wall, and a white oak cabinet is the focus of this space, creating a stylish atmosphere. This cabinet displays striking and beautiful tableware and other attractive homeware and utensils; and randomly chosen letters from the restaurant’s name are highlighted in a subtle, yet attractive way, enhancing the visual impact.

Fairwood Cafe 75a

Lamps of mild steel adorn the walls – set into white tiles, they light the tables to create the right mood for dining, and also add a hint of ‘modern masculine’ to the space. The grey tinted glass bubble chandeliers in hexagonal shapes echo the hexagonal floor pattern, created with black, grey and white tiles; and also the irregular shaped sculptures on the wall at the far end of the hall, which aim to stimulate the customers’ imaginations.

Fairwood Cafe 37a

The long corridor area of the restaurant offers a seating area with more intimacy and privacy to diners: a burnt orange leather covers the seating in the booths, and each is separated by wire and glass partitions. Wooden flooring here extends to the wall covering, whilst several of M C Escher’s drawings hang on the wall. Text encapsulating the concept of the drawings is to be found on the opposite wall. A large picture frame hangs at the end of the corridor, reflecting the room as a picture, continuing the art gallery feel of the restaurant.

Fairwood Cafe 38a

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