Sea Fest:
Prism Design

Sea Fest 006

For the Sea Fest restaurant, in the Beijing Galaxy Soho, designers Prism Design worked to a client brief to provide seafood in a restaurant reminiscent of the deepest sea.

Sea Fest 004

The cuisine on offer in the restaurant is Guangdong Style seafood, which are creations from the Chinese culinary repertoire.

Sea Fest 003

The restaurant is Oriental in style but it is contemporary and artistic.

Sea Fest 007

Also featured in the design is a wine cellar, and wine is carefully selected from around the world for the enjoyment of the restaurant patrons.

Sea Fest 010

Prism Design’s client for Sea Fest requested ‘Zoning Planning’, and this was incorporated by following feng shui principles, and taking a lead from the eating habits of the Chinese people.

Sea Fest 002

Of great importance to the client was the design of the private dining room, with the aim being to fascinate the guests by the decor.

Sea Fest 009

Prism were primarily inspired by the documentary film ‘Deep Blue’, and added elements of the deep sea to the detail of each section in the restaurant.

Sea Fest 001

Jellyfish, barracuda, octopus, manta, coral reef, Noctiluca scintillans, and the hawksbill sea turtle, to name a few, all feature.

Sea Fest 011



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