Igu & Peace:
Fantastic Design Works

Igu & Peace 001

Igu & Peace, designed by Fantastic Design Works, aims to excite all the five senses of the customers who are dining in the restaurant, with the designers seeking to make an interesting and stimulating space at the venue.

Igu & Peace 002

The entrance to the restaurant, for example, is modelled on a library, with heavy book-laden shelves covering the walls. Within this room is a hidden door, which can be found by opening one of the books, which then lights the way to the secret entrance.

Igu & Peace 003

The main dining area contains a number of different types of seat, which can be chosen according to your mood. There is a swinging sofa, a Mini Coupe – dinner may be eaten in the car itself – and a loft style, or mezzanine, room.

Igu & Peace 006

The design keywords for Fantastic Design Works, were industrial and vintage, and they have interspersed the venue with an accent of cute and cool items.

Igu & Peace 005

Whilst the exact style for the restaurant wasn’t mapped out, the designers have thought about what they might like in their own favourite rooms – they say it’s like ‘a supreme hobby room’.

Igu & Peace 007

They have also chosen a number of small surprise items and furniture. On one wall, an iguana climbs up and then runs along a handrail; a sports car appears to be coming through another wall; and there is also a floating chair.

Igu & Peace 004

One last room includes a bath tub with claw feet, a large sofa the size of a bed, and a chandelier. It is decorated totally differently to the main design, yet harmonises with the industrial elements.

Images © Nacasa & Partners Inc

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