Gotthards Krog:
Stylt Trampoli


Gotthards Krog is the restaurant of the hotel Stora Hotellet, a grand saltwater-scented hotel in northern Sweden, designed by Stylt Trampoli. It takes its name from Gotthard Zetterberg, the first owner of the hotel, who was known to be quite a character.


Many tales of his adventures have been told – not all of them true – but one that is, concerns his youthful trip to sea with the famous Swedish nobleman and explorer Adolf Erik Nordenskiöld. The pair sailed to Greenland in 1883 to find out if any of the landmass was actually green, but unfortunately they failed to find out, and Gotthard never went to sea again.


The design of the restaurant reflects Zetterberg’s adventurous spirit, and seafaring ambitions. Decades of links with the nearby harbour, and hosting the Seamen’s Mission in the same building, have led to an indelible nautical theme.


Combining sailors’ finds of skulls and treasure, a custom octopus print wallpaper and a handsome velvet sofa, with images of tall ships, Neptune and his trident, seagulls and ropework featuring on the custom made tableware, the restaurant sets a seafaring scene and echoes some of the motifs of the hotel itself.


Images © Erik Nissen Johansen

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